Add This To Your Beauty Routine.

Did you know that sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases can help your anti aging routine?

Now, if you can sleep on your back the entire night then you deserve a round of applause because I certainly can't. This position is actually the best for helping prevent wrinkles. But if you're a side sleeper like myself, then you probably know that having your face pressed against a pillow isn't the best for your skin. All that tugging and pulling can really do some damage over time but a satin pillowcase will help with that. The silky smooth material will have your skin glide right over it without any problem which means no more waking up with lines or creases on your face.

Not only is satin good for your skin but it is also really good for your hair. It can help prevent breakage and keep your hair smooth and frizz-free. It also doesn't soak up moisture like a cotton pillowcase would so it won't dry out your hair. 

Aside from the pillowcase, I like to use a big satin scrunchie to tie up my hair while I'm at home.  Those small black hair ties are actually pretty damaging.. especially if you like a tight ponytail. With a satin scrunchie there will be less friction which will leave you with healthier hair.

I bought my satin pillowcase and scrunchies off of Amazon but you can find them just about anywhere for super cheap.