What's In My Bag?

If you love a good "What's In My Bag" post then you're my kinda girl. I don't know what it is but I always get sucked into reading them! I guess I'm just nosy👃. So today I'm going to share what's usually inside my bag besides all of the random garbage, old receipts, and loose change.

Small to medium sized bags are where it's at for me. I don't like big bags simply because I'm pretty small and feel ridiculous when wearing them. Also, a big bag gives me an excuse to fill it up with things that I don't really need. This Coach bag was a gift from my boyfriend and let me just say that he did a pretty good job 😁. I added on the pom-pom which I believe I got from WetSeal for less than $5 and I love how cute it looks.

So first we have my wallet(my old ass VS wallet to be more descriptive) and phone. The mirrored aviators are from Forever21 and I am o b s e s s e d with them because they're rose gold even though you can't tell in the photo.

Lately, I like to carry a small snack in case I get hangry. I was never a fan of coconut but these toasted coconut Belvita biscuits are soo good.

Advil or any otc painkiller is a must-have in my bag to get rid of annoying headaches.

I almost always have deodorant and gum handy to stay fresh. Also, usually some kind of scented wipes because if you're getting a little funky you do not want to reapply your deodorant over that.

There's nothing interesting to say about a pen and hand sanitizer so moving on....

My makeup bag is pretty simple these days ➜ blotting papers and oil control powder to keep my face from shining brighter than the sun, hair ties, lotion, a nude lip liner, sometimes a gloss or lipstick, and Aquaphor or Carmex for when my lips need hydrating. I also carry a mini nail file and band-aids which aren't pictured.

So that's it!  That's my bag.

What's a must-have item that you keep in yours?


  1. These are some great must haves (I also LOVE your purse, it is so cute)! My must have would definitely by lip balm, because I hate having dry lips! :P Great blog - keep up the amazing work!
    -Jenna <3
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