How I Gained 10lbs In A Month.

I'm sure you've read a ton of articles on weight loss but my story is the complete opposite of that. In my 2017 Goals post, I mentioned that I wanted to gain weight and I can now check that one off of my list. I've gained 10lbs in less than a month and I'm super happy with the results.

Now a lot of really thin women look amazing... I, on the other hand, look like a bobblehead. I've always been extra skinny and didn't like how I looked but I dealt with it for most of my life because I felt like I had no choice. When I realized that I could actually make a change in my body, I was able to gain the weight but just couldn't manage to keep it on.

I recently heard about this product called Apetamin(no this is not sponsored), read a bunch of reviews, and decided to give it a try. I've done the gym thing before and enjoyed it but it took way too long to see results. I wanted something to help speed up the process and this worked out great. Although I haven't been to the gym lately because I'm lazy, I do suggest that you go just to tone everything up and minimize belly fat.

(Unfortunately I didn't take any before and after photos so this is as good as it gets.)

The directions for adults say to take 10ml three times a day before food but I took between 5-10ml twice a day. The first two to three days were the worst. All I wanted to do was sleep. The reviews did mention that would happen so I made sure to start taking it on a weekend. After those three days of laying in bed had passed, the Apetamin no longer made me feel sleepy but instead extra hungry. I was eating like a beast and put on 5lbs in about a week. I'm 5ft6 and my starting weight was 110lbs. I'm now at 120 and taking the Apetamin once a day(5ml) to maintain it. I might increase the dosage again just to gain another 5lbs. I still want to stay thin but a "healthy looking" thin or in other words... "slim thick".

Oh, and random but still on topic.. Why do some people think it's okay to ask a skinny person if they eat?.. Along with throwing in all their other unwanted comments? I've never understood that. What's even more interesting is that I would mostly hear it from random men. Like who are you to comment on my weight, sir? Nobody was checking for you in the first place. So if someone has something negative to say about you, take a good look at them because it's usually from someone who doesn't have their shit together in the first place. End rant.

On another note, if you're happy with yourself then great! If not, change it! Yes, it's that simple and it applies to life in more ways than one. I'm absolutely loving this product and definitely recommend it but of course always do your own research to see if it's right for you.