If life was an 80's movie..

... what would you wear?

While I was watching Back to the Future this past weekend, I thought, why not dedicate a post to my favorite 80's movies?

I chose some of my favorites to show how you can wear their memorable outfits today.

And although the plot of Dirty Dancing is based in the 60's, nobody puts Baby in a corner.
It's still one of my favorite 80's movies which is why it has made it's way into this post.

What's your favorite 80's movie?

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  1. Such a great post!! I have to say I can watch Dirty Dancing back to back, no problem. Haha. - Carla

    1. thank you! glad you enjoyed it :)
      lol yep, i love Dirty Dancing!

  2. Great post Julisa!!! I would totally rock the Breakfast club look and dirty dancing!!! Dirty Dancing is my FAV 80's movie!!! Patrick Swayze was soooo DREAMY!!! "Nobody puts baby in the corner!!"


    1. lol thanks!!
      me too! the breakfast club outfit is so my style :)


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