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Makeup Setting Sprays.

In my last Beauty 101 post, we talked about eyeshadow primer which keeps our eye makeup in place. Well makeup setting spray does that for your face.

Mist your face with a makeup setting spray and your makeup will stay in place all day.

Ok, that was a lot of rhyming...


I've already told you guys about Model in a Bottle makeup setting spray.
It's the only setting spray that I have tried but it's one of the loves of my life. ♥
Long days, hot summer fun, sweaty club nights.. your makeup will still be there.
It works so amazingly that I don't even feel the need to cheat on it with another. I'm addicted!

If you do apply too much(I OD on this stuff sometimes) your face will look a little shiny and might feel a little sticky. I lightly apply a powder over it to fix this problem.

If you would like to try it out I suggest searching on for a much better price.
I never pay more than $15 for this and that's including shipping.

Some other popular setting sprays are by Urban Decay and Skindinavia.
It's definitely something worth checking out!

  Do you use a makeup setting spray?



  1. I currently don't use setting spray but I'm dying to try model in a bottle! I planning to get one in Nov when Imats comes to Toronto :)

    1. u should definitely try it! let me know how you like it =)

  2. I use the Avene Thermal spray - love that stuff!


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