Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color.

3-D Nail Art in Seconds! 

"Revolutionary formula infused with metallic particles that move when exposed to the specially designed magnet to create an extraordinary effect." 

[Shade: Ionic Indigo]

STEP 1: Apply 1 coat of base coat. Shake Magnetic Nail Color to activate. Remove overcap with magnet and set aside. Apply 1 coat of Magnetic Nail Color to all 10 nails and let dry.  
STEP 2: Apply a thick second coat of color to 1 nail and immediately hold the built-in magnet over the nail. Rest the guide just below the cuticle without touching the wet nail polish. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat for all 10 nails and let dry. Finish with top coat.  


Price: around $9.99
On sale right now at CVS for $7.49


This nail polish comes in 8 different shades.
I haven't used this on my nails yet because I like brighter shades for the Summer but I did my sisters nails and it was so fun to use! It's super quick and easy to get this cool 3D design. While I was holding the magnet over her nails I could actually see it transform in seconds. After seeing how her nails turned out I think I just might paint mine anyway.

*Make sure you apply a thick even coat before using the magnet. I noticed that if you don't do this, the design will only happen wherever you've applied it the thickest. 

One thing I didn't like is how the magnet isn't secured into the top. It has already fallen out a few times which is annoying. At least it didn't happen while I was using it. I'm going to try gluing it on and hope that works.

Have you tried magnetic nail polishes?
What do you think of them? 

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  1. This is cute! I have the pretty woman magnetix ones but I don't use it bc it's a darker grey.


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