Loving: Midi Rings N Arm Cuffs.

Midi Rings n Arm Cuffs

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These trends have been around for a while but we know that in fashion everything makes a comeback!

The Midi Ring
aka Mid Finger Ring, Above Knuckle Ring, First Knuckle Ring...

The names describe it all. This is a smaller ring that is worn on the other half of your finger.
Although this trend looks like you've outgrown your rings, I'm kinda loving it. A lot actually.
If you happen to have really thin fingers, there are rings specifically made for this trend. If not then try picking up some rings in a smaller size.

The Upper Arm Cuff
aka Armlet, Upper Arm Band/Bracelet/Bangle...

Clearly we're not dealing with any arm cuff. 
This one is placed on the upper arm.
What better way to show off those toned arms than with a gorgeous piece of jewelry.
Try this out while the Summer is still here!

Seen on celebs like Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, and Nicole Richie.

[Source - RihannaDaily]

[Source - RihannaDaily]

[Source - GlobalGrind]

[Source - CELEBUZZ!]

These will definitely add some spice to your outfits.

If your style is more classic and chic then go for simple, delicate bands.
If you're more bold and daring, go with a chunky piece to make heads turn.

Love em or Hate em?
Let me know!



  1. Man i remember those were cool back in the days!! lol
    My Teeze w/ eez arrived today, thanks so much again!


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