Guest Post- Celebrity gossip: Five unusual beauty secrets revealed

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Hollywood superstars love to look good and will do all they can to dazzle on the red carpet. They go to the best gyms, hire the most-renowned stylists and spend hours pampering – but do they have any weird and wonderful beauty secrets? Of course they do!

Here are five of the most bizarre:

Placenta face creams
That’s right; placenta-based face creams are popular in Tinseltown and are thought to boost collagen levels and rehydrate the skin. They’re packed with moisturising vitamins and minerals and rely on the afterbirth of cows, sheep (and even human beings) to make them stand out from the crowd. Such products are popular with Eva Longoria and Katie Holmes (apparently), but would you give any of them a go?

Strawberry tooth whitener
Ever wondered how Catherine Zeta-Jones perfects her teeth? Well, if rumours are true, she rubs strawberry pulp over her gnashers. This delicious fruit contains malic acid which can lighten surface stains and is thought to be great for your pearly whites. If you don’t fancy getting seeds stuck in your teeth, baking soda can also work – so why not try it out?

Boob job creams
Breast implant surgery can boost your bust, but boob job creams are a pain-free alternative. They claim to grow your boobs by a cup size or two and are popular with Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham and Kelly Brook (if rumours are true). Rodial Boob Job cream, for instance, claims to increase the number of fat cells within the breasts and had been flying off the shelves of late.

Olive oil moisturiser
Believe it or not, expensive cosmetics aren’t always the best. Olive oil is great for the skin and will leave you with a soft smooth complexion. It lasts for ages and is relatively cheap to buy – making it the ideal product to add to your shopping list. This wonderful oil has also been used as a sun screen for centuries, so take a leaf out of Julia Robert’s book and try this beauty technique.

Peppermint oil lip gloss
Do you want plump, kissable lips? If so, try adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip gloss. Mint is known to stimulate blood flow and can cause your smackers to swell, leaving you with a perfect pout – just like Mariah Carey. The world-famous singer is thought to use this minty-fresh trick and she certainly has a grin to be proud of. Lip fillers can also give you a Hollywood smile, but peppermint oil is a painless technique.

A-list stars look great most of the time, but they certainly put the effort in.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. Ew, placenta face creams is def not on my "to-try" list. Ill go for some breast enhancement cream though...maybe a little for my ass too..even thought its fat already!! :) great list.


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