Prom Ready Must Haves!

It's that special time of year! Prom is finally here!

Don't know exactly what to bring to prom? I've got it all figured out for you.

Prom Clutch Must Haves:
1. Camera. (unless you want to use your phone for pictures)
2. Phone.
3. Money.
4. ID
5. Blotting Sheets. Having an oily face is never a good look.. especially in pictures. Blot your face whenever you're looking shiny and they will soak up all that oil without ruining your makeup.
6. Lip gloss & 7. Eyeliner. Reapply when needed to always look picture perfect.
8. Travel Size Deodorant. You're going to get sweaty from dancing all night so bring this along in case you get a little funky. Trying to cover up your stank with perfume is never a good idea lol.
9. Roll-On Perfume/Sample. Bring along a mini perfume that you will be using on this special night. A sample would probably be better since it will take up less space.
10. Bobby Pins. Hair savers. If you see something looking a little off just pop these in wherever they're needed.
11. Safety Pins. You never know when there will be a prom dress malfunction.
12. Band-Aids. Just incase your shoes have done some damage to your feet.
13. Gum/Mints. Fresh breath is always a must.
14. Foldable/Roll Up Flats(not pictured). Slip these on when your feet start screaming for help. It's a whole lot better than walking around barefoot. If you can't seem to fit them in your clutch just have your date hold them for you. They're there for a reason! lol Check out these links:
15. And ofcourse don't forget a tampon or pad if needed!

Keep your money, i.d., and band-aids together by using your bobby pins. Then you won't have to go searching for them. =)

Some Prom Ready Makeup Must Haves:
 Now remember, you're aiming for glam.. not trashy.
So if you're playing up the eyes, paint on a neutral lip. Going for bold lips? Apply neutral or light shades to your lids.
Aside from the obvious foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and gloss, there are a few other products you might want to think about.

1. A makeup setting spray. This will keep your face in place all night! If you set your makeup, the only beauty products you will need in your clutch are gloss, eyeliner, and blotting papers. You won't have to worry about anything else. My favorite: Model in a Bottle($10-20) Search on for a better price.
2.Lashes. Add a little oomph to your look with some lashes. If you're going to apply these you want to use DUO lash glue which you should bring along with you. You don't want anything too dramatic so keep an eye on the length and fullness. Demi Wispies are great!
3. Eyeshadow Primer. Eyeshadow primer is a necessity in the world of makeup. Just like the makeup setting spray locks in your face, eyeshadow primer does the same for your eyes.Apply this before you do your eye makeup for crease-proof, fade-proof eyeshadow. I love Urban Decay Primer Potion but if you're looking for something less expensive try e.l.f Eyeshadow Primer or L'Oreal De-crease.
4. Cream/Gel Eyeliner. These go on soo smoothly. Wet n Wild Creme liner is my absolute favorite eyeliner. It does not budge and stays the longest on my waterline.
5. Glitter. Who doesn't want to sparkle on prom night? Add some glitter to eyes. I love using NYX Candy Glitter Liners. You can either apply it to your lower lashline, tear duct, or right over your eyeliner.

Be safe and have fun! ♥



  1. i love this especially the bobby pin tip..

  2. Awesome idea! Love it even though my prom days are over =( but this is great for any night out!


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