Kiss Nail Dress Review.

Fashion that sticks!

If you don't have time to do your nails, don't have a steady hand for creating designs, or maybe just feeling too lazy to do them... then keep on reading!

These Kiss Nail Dress strips came in the Influenster Love VoxBox which I mentioned in an earlier post.

The style I received was "Sexy".

What are they?
Stickers for your nails(and toes) that you can use instead of applying nail polish.
Stick these on and you're good to go.
It comes with 28 strips in 14 different sizes, a design booklet, and a file.
There are 18 different styles.
Cuuute! =)

Price: $7.99 @ Walgreens right now
How to apply:
  1. Select size that fits your nail.
  2. Apply near, not on cuticle & smooth away from center.
  3. Fold down over edge & file excess.

Sorry, I know you're probably sick of seeing pink nails by now lol.

Kiss says these strips last up to 10 days depending on your lifestyle.
I only used 1 on each hand because I wasn't sure how long it would last on my nails.
It's been 6 days and they're starting to peel a bit at the tips. I might be able to get away with it for another day. 
So for me this lasts about a week and I am not complaining about that. Pretty great for some stickers I must say!

These are very easy to apply.
There is no drying time and you don't need a top coat.
To remove just peel off from the sides.
Other nail strips dry out over time once they're opened but since these are stickers you won't have to worry about that.

 The 1 problem I had...
Some bunching up on the sides. I couldn't get it to be completely smooth.
Not very attractive but it's only noticeable if you're looking up close.
Oh and make sure you smooth out the tips as much as possible so they don't get caught on anything.

You can also cut up any leftover strips to create designs like these...
Directions say to apply onto a clean nail or over Kiss Impress Nails so I don't know how well these work over nail polish.
I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet but I'm hoping it stays on because I am not buying no press-on nails just to do this lol.

Would I buy this product?
There are a few styles that I need to go buy. They are just too cute to pass up.

Have you tried Kiss Nail Dress?
What do you think about them?

 Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were received complimentary through the Influenster VoxBox program.


  1. It came out nice!! i taqged you on the 11 questions tag! =)

  2. love it leopard print! I want them all
    I need to visit walgreens

  3. Hey I love this. I have seen these in the UK and I was gonna buy it but I was not sure on how they would turn out so I did not buy but after seeing this post...I wish I did now!

  4. yes i did try them to! and i plan to keep using them. here's my review:

  5. I put the KDS07 (multicolor sparkles over silver glitter) on my very short nails and they were a breeze to apply and look professional. I didn't have a problem with them bunching but that might be because my nails are short.


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