Beauty 101 - Cupcake in Training

Lesson 1: Cleaning Your Brushes.

 Cleaning your makeup brushes is very important!
It should be done every 1-2 weeks. Brushes used with cream or liquid products should be cleaned after each use. This will help them last longer and keep bacteria away.
I know most of us get really lazy and keep putting it off but it's something that must get done.
I'm not going to lie..  I've gone way over a month without cleaning my brushes before.
Ooo she nasty!
I have so many brushes and it just gets annoying but I do spot clean them with a brush cleaner.
Now I clean them about every 3 weeks.(I'm working on it..)

Oh and if you use your brushes to do someone elses makeup you better have cleaned the brushes before you used them on that persons face and right after.

Let's think about it...
When you apply your makeup with a dirty brush you are actually reapplying
  • the oils from your face
  • old product buildup
  • the dirt your brushes have collected over time
  • and all the bacteria that's growing in them because of this
Not only is that disgusting but it will also cause your face to break out.
 Remember to keep them clean!

Here is how I get it done...

What you will need:
  -Dirty Brushes(obviously)
- Baby Shampoo
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Clean Bowl(or something to pour the shampoo into)
- Clean Towel
- Paper Towel
- Sink

1. Squeeze some shampoo into bowl and dip your brush.

2. Wet brush and work the shampoo into the bristles to create a lather.
Rinse and repeat if necessary.
Lay brush down flat and shampoo the rest.

 You never know just how dirty your brushes are until you see this oozing out of them lol.

The correct way to hold your brush:
**It is important to hold your brushes with the bristles down when cleaning.
Do not get water in the ferrule(metal part). This will cause your brush to fall apart over time.

 3. With warm water running from faucet, rinse brushes until completely clean.
 Squeeze out excess water and reshape them. Do not pull on bristles.

4. Fold a clean towel and lay brushes flat to air dry.
Once they are dry just fluff them up and you're ready to go. =)

What's the olive oil for?
 For those hard to clean brushes that you use to apply cream or liquid products(like foundation, lip, and eyeliner brushes). This will help loosen and break up the product that's built up in your brush.
 Pour some olive oil onto a paper towel.
Run your brush back and forth until most of the makeup is removed.
Then you can begin the shampoo process.

Hope some of you found this helpful!

How often do you clean your brushes?



  1. Great post! I use baby shampoo but never thought of using extra virgin olive oil. Great idea and will now be using that.

  2. Lovely post! Thanks for the olive oil tip. I have a few stubborn brushes that are a bit hard to wash, and I will definitely try using olive oil to get some of the gunk out.


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