Pari Beauty Review.

 I recieved some prodcts from Pari Beauty to review. =)
I haven't heard of Pari Beauty before this but it's always exciting to try out a new line of makeup.

Brush Cleaner, Black Glitter Liner, Lipstick "LS58"

"This quick drying brush cleaner is an essential for every makeup kit to keep your brushes fresh and clean."
 I tried this on some of my dirtiest brushes and it did a pretty good job. This brush cleaner works really well and dries very quickly. I've been using this between deep cleanings.
When I first used this I found the smell to be a little strong but now not so much. Maybe I've just gotten used to it lol.

"Lipsticks in a vast range of colors and textures to beautify your lips. An enhanced formulation with Vitamin E to keep lips moisturized and protected. Available in matte, cream, sheer and pearl finishes."
I got this lipstick in "LS58". (They don't go by names)
It did keep my lips dry or chapped feeling while I had it on.
I'm not really sure if this is a pearl or sheer lipstick since to me it seems to be a little of both.
Which brings me to my 1 issue... the site doesn't state what the finish of each lipstick is.
When choosing a lipstick it's very important to know the finish. If you don't know the finish, you don't really know what you're ordering til you see it in person.

"A quick drying glitter liner which adds sparkle to the eyes with tiny specs of glitter. Good for the evening and great for those special occasions when you want to look dazzling."
This was the product I was most excited for but after trying it out I was disappointed. =(
I was expecting a beautiful black glitter eyeliner. Instead I got an eyeliner that barely sparkles at all.
It looks completely matte when applied with maybe 2 or 3 tiny specs of glitter poking through.
I did find out that if you rub it lightly a few times the glitter will start to show.. but as you rub, the liner gets lighter. (pictured above)
I'm not sure if all the glitter eyeliners have the same issue or if it's just this black one.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were sent(free) by the company for review purposes.