Target Beauty's Biggest Fan.

Hey Cupcakez!

I have a favor to ask all of you =)
 My friend Rai @ GlamMorena has entered Target Beauty's Biggest Fan contest and I would really appreciate it if you guys helped out and voted for her. 

Why should you vote?
She's a great blogger and if you haven't checked her out you should go do that now.

Oh, I'm sorry... did you want another reason? 
Well here it is lol...
One of the big prizes included in the prize pack is a flip cam
Since Rai already owns a camera, she will be giving this away to one lucky person! =D
Sounds like a pretty great reason to me!

You can vote once a day until May 17th.
So let's keep her in the top 20 and make this happen!

Click HERE to vote and get more details on the contest!

Thanks♥ ♥



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