How To Repair A Broken Nail.

It always sucks to break a nail but I'm going to share a nail repair secret with you!

I've been doing this for a while now and it works better than anything else I've tried.

So let's get started....

What you will need:
- tea bag
- clear nail polish
- scissors
- tweezers

 The broken nail:

 1. Cut your tea bag open and empty it out.

 2. Cut out a piece big enough to cover the split.

3. Paint entire nail with clear nail polish and quickly apply your strip with tweezers.

4. Using tweezers, press the strip down into the clear polish.

 5. Apply a second coat of clear polish.

6. Once that's dry you can paint your nails.
They will be looking as good as new!

 Hope this helps!



  1. Thanks soooooo much for posting this. I saw a youtube video similar to this but she used nail glue instead of clear polish. Your way looks a whole lot neater.

  2. I'm seriously amazed lol!!!!

  3. I love this method! Whoever came up with it is a genius and a lifesaver, who likes a broken nail?? :)

  4. love this, I will be trying this for sure!!

  5. omg, im so glad i jut read this post, cuz I have the worst luck with one of my nails splitting/breaking out of no where! thanks!

  6. Thanks I'm glad you all enjoyed the tip!

    @danielle87 - I've tried it with glue too but the clear nail polish seems to hold up a lot better. =)

  7. Awesome!!! didn't know.. but now i'm glad I do... thanks for the awesome tip.

  8. I've heard about this method but I've never tried it.

    I wonder if I apply a whole piece of the teabag over my entire nail if that would prevent it from breaking/splitting/peeling? Hmm, I think I'm going to have to try that.

  9. @Arezu - i was thinking that too.. if you try that let me know how it works!

  10. I am always breaking my nails when they become longer so this is awesome!
    thank you so much for the tip.


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