Time for a closer look at the goodies I bought at IMATS. =)

The first thing I went on a hunt for was lashesss!
These were 7 for $10 which is an amazing deal.
 I couldn't find a name anywhere on the booth but since they came in a Nigel Beauty Emporium bag then that would be my guess lol.

Next up: Brushes!
Left to Right- Angled eyeliner brush: $1, Fluff brush: $3, Foundation brush: $5.50, Foundation brush#2: $3, Angled contour brush: $6.50

All of these are from CiCi Fashion Brush.
I checked each one for shedding while at the booth but apparently not well enough. Both the fluff brush and contour brush had major shedding so I washed them to see if that would help. They still shed a few hairs here and there but nowhere near as much as before.

LASplash Cosmetics.
"Purple Splash" mascara, "Sparkling Crystallina" glitter, "Fushia Fusion" and "Rainy Daze" eye shadows

I don't remember the prices.. I think they were $5 or $6 each or 2 for something.
The mascara was a free gift but I haven't tried it yet.

Rainy Daze is mostly matte with very little shimmer and Fushia Fusion is a shimmery shadow.
I'm officially in love with LASplash cosmetics. All the shadows were eye catching which made it extremely hard to decide which to buy.

There was a girl working at the booth with gorgeous glittery eyeliner.
She used Sparkling Crystallina over a black eyeliner which is why I had to buy it.
It looks much better in person. 

Jessie's Girl Cosmetics.
"Electric Rose" Liquid Glass lip gloss, "Ice" and "Tangerine" Liquid Crystal lip glosses

Electric Rose was $3 or $4 and the Liquid Crystal glosses were $4.

Tangerine and Ice
Depending on how the light hits.. these glosses can either look clear or like they're glowing.
Tangerine shines in a glowing orange and green.. and Ice in blue and purple.
These would probably be fun to wear over a lipstick.

Now this is my new favorite lip gloss.
It's the most gorgeous thing EVER!
I tried to get you the most accurate swatch but it looks 10 times better in person. 
This bright pink gloss is filled with tons of pink sparkle. Think Dorothy's ruby slippers on your lips but in pink of course lol. Great for a fun night out.
Sometimes glitter in glosses can feel scratchy on your lips but this one is perfect.
I've only tried it on to see what it looks like. I still don't know how well it stays on so hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

And this is the end of my haul.. hope you ladies liked it!

Quick Question: Sometimes I feel like the pics I post are too big.. so please let me know if you like them this size or not. Thanks!<3



  1. Those lashes are LUSCIOUS! Reminds me of the humain hair ones sold in the beauty store. haha

    But omg I wanted Rainy Daze so I now hate you. Boooo!

    Awesome haul but that sucks about the shedding though. :/

  2. I love lashes, and it sucks Walmart & Drug Stores charge $5.00 just for one. The falsies you have is a real steal.

  3. looks lovely...all of the products are amazing :) SO envious that you got to go hehehe xoxoxo

  4. The pics in this size are great. :)

  5. Fun haul!:D

    Electric Rose is such a pretty color - I need that in my life!:D

    Thanks for the swatches.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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