DIY Haircut with CreaClip.

Introducing you to the CreaClip! =)

With the CreaClip you can now cut your own hair at home and look fab each time.
The clip acts as a hair cutting guide and has a built-in rotating level so you will always end up with an even cut.
It can be used on curly hair but it is recommended that you straighten your hair for best results.
CreaClip costs $29.99 + Shipping.

 The white clip is for long hair and layers. The blue clip is for bangs and short cuts.

 The level:

Inside of the clip:

My hair was in major need of a trim. The last time I had one was in July(bad me!).
So I was lucky enough to get to test out the CreaClip.

I was a little scared that my hair would end up looking a mess but surprisingly this was very easy to use.
I wanted my hair cut into a V shape in the back with some layers. I didn't want to take too much length off so I started close to the ends and worked my way up.

What you need for this cut:
 large CreaClip, sharp haircutting scissors, and a comb or brush

To see how easy it is to get this cut watch their instructional video below.

Here are my Before and After shots.
I still can't believe how easy this was!

The Good:
easy to use
has a built-in level for even cuts
instructional videos on website
saves $$$

The Bad:
The only bad thing I would say about this product is the price.
I feel that $29.99 + shipping is a little much for 2 plastic clips...
but I guess in the end it's worth it since you will be saving money on future haircuts.

Now, I know the CreaClip is going to help you save money on cuts but I suggest you stick with a simple trim or cut and leave the advanced stuff to the pros just in case you have a slip up.
We definitely would not want that.

Click HERE to visit the site.

I know this was a long review lol but I hope you enjoyed it!

Disclaimer: Product in this post was sent to me(free) by the company for review.


  1. Wow this is actually a pretty good idea lol it seems to onlg work for long hair though

  2. Cool! I'd be so scared to try it lol. And your hair is soo long!

  3. how neat. i couldnt chop that much and that sloppily like the chick in the video did lol. but yours looks good.

  4. Your hair is GORGEOUS! I would love to see a haircare/growth blog post from you!

  5. your hair is AMAZING
    if my hair wasn't so craycray id get this myself, but yea it is expensive, but worth it!

  6. This is great!! Love your hair!!! True, expensive, but it looks easy to manage.. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I saw this on tv and I think it's pretty cool.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. wow. this is pretty amazing. would love to try it out!


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