What to wear with combat boots...

A reader sent in this question:

"i bought some combat boots and i have no idea what to wear them with i see you put together outfits really good do you think u can give me any ideas what to wear them with??"

I put together a few outfits to help give you some ideas

I love wearing relaxed fit tops with my combat boots.

For that girly look with an edge, pair your boots with casual dresses or floral patterns.

oh and combat boots with slouchy knit hats or berets = <3 lol

Let me know if this helps! =]



  1. this totally helps me! as my sister was asking me the same question when she bought her boots, I was just waiting for someone to post something on combat boots and you nailed it :) thanks!

  2. Ooh, combat boots! I've been wanting a pair of those for YEARS now, but never really knew what I'd wear them with. Thanks for the tips! :)

  3. I loooveee my combat boots! Especially on comfy days with a pair of jeans, a flannel, and a slouchy hat<3

  4. I always love a good piece of jewelry to add to the outfit. That double finger ring is fabulous

  5. I love this kinda things but sadly i dont know how to make them

  6. so where do i get a cute pair of combat boots!!!!!!!??????????!?!?!?


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