MUFE swatches and UDPP pro size.

These are some of my makeup related bday gifts that i haven't had the chance to post yet.

Make Up For Ever eyeshadows #5 and #75
Urban Decay Primer Potion pro size

MUFE #75
 bright fuschia pink

matte vibrant coral

I love the look of matte eyeshadows and these definitely pass the test.
They are so smooth and highly pigmented!

They're also larger than many eyeshadows.
Compared to a MAC eyeshadow in size..
 MAC is .05oz and MUFE is .08oz

I 'm officially in love with their matte eyeshadows and i must get some more<3
Can't wait to post a look using these!

UDPP original and pro size
I just wanted to show you the original next to the new pro size so you can see the difference.
The original is .34 fl oz and the pro size is .85 fl oz. 



  1. Omg i love your blog and the peach colored eyeshadow is to die for ! :)
    could you maybe do a tutorial on Rihanna's look with the purple eyeshadow in the video of "Whats my name"

  2. Those eyeshadows would look really nice as a blush!

  3. Nice gifts, I need to get my hands on that pro size UD Primer Potion! MUFE has one of the best makeup products for sure.

  4. For a moment, I thought those were blushes because of the colors. I would wear it as blush if possible. Love how pigmented it is!

  5. I love MUFE, their HD foundation is the best! And that UDPP is HUGE! Lol.

  6. Damn! I'ma have to buy me some of that primer, it's HUGE! I didn't even know they made it in that size, thanks for posting!

  7. @blaaaa - thanks! i'll try to do that look next week =]

    @Arezu & MissNikka - i will def. try them as a blush.. thanks for the idea!

    @Alby - the only thing i hate about the pro size is that it's like $30 =[ lol

  8. these colors are crazyy <3 love em
    note to self ,, visit MUFE shop soon -_-

  9. i love mufe , that pink is one of my favs, if you have any pinks that you are wanting to part with i would so love to swap with you and send you things you can use i am in ohio and honest and trust worthy , i also have a you tube under mypinkrainbow also , have a wonderful holiday and a pink rainbow day


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