Are You Ready?!

One of my favorite shows will be back on Mondays!!

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3  =D

I will always be amazed by a drag queens contouring skills lol

Find out who will become America's Next Drag Superstar!

The show starts next Monday, Jan.24 @ 10pm EST on Logo
and they will be showing a Casting Special at 9pm EST.

They usually air it on VH1 too.. not sure about the date and time but be on the lookout!

ANTM fans.. Remember Sutan?
He used to be the makeup artist for the models...
Well he's competing in the drag race!!

Sutan aka Raja
 i loved him on antm.. i can't wait!


 another show that i'm excited for...

Kourtney and Kim Take NY

you either love them or hate them
I love the Kardashians! 
Hot bodies, perfect hair, and great style.  =D
 Can't wait to see what they get into in NY.

 I will be looking forward to my Sunday and Monday nights now =]
Oh yeah and Thursdays of course..Jersey Shore!! lol

Can you tell i'm a sucker for reality tv...

 So the question is.. will you be tuning in?


  1. I LOVE Rupaul's Drag Race!! I've been waiting for months. <3 <3

    I didn't even know that was Sutan, he looks so different! I hope he does well.

    I'll probably catch K&K too, but I don't live for that show like I do my other reality shows. But it should be fun, I'm looking forward to the Scott fight.


  2. that's for the head's up im excited


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