Christmas Wish List Tag!

I was tagged by Hav to post my Christmas Wish List!

I thought this would be really easy but there are too many things that i want lol
 and since i don't want to torture you with an extremely long post
here are just a few...

 A DSLR camera
i'm thinking the Nikon D3000

MAC Russian Red =]

MUFE #92

Designer Inspired Bags!
since the real thing won't be happening any time soon lol
 Chanel Inspired Quilted Bag

 Hermes Birkin Inspired Bag

 Balenciaga Inspired Bag

 Sigma Brush Set

 Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box

 Something Blue
(the sequel to Something Borrowed)

Kardashian Konfidential

 The Carrie Diaries

Your turn!

I'd like to hear what's on your list.

Leave it in a comment or send me the link to your wish list post =]



  1. i want the exact same camera i hope i been good enough this year to get one lol and plus that kardashian book looks awsome

  2. Great Christmas wish list. I hope you get what you are wishing for. lol :D

  3. Russian Red is one of my favouriteeeee lipsticks, you NEED to get that. Although, I don't get a lot of wear out of it, but every time I see someone wearing it it's always flattering, you can't go wrong!

    And I love MUFE #92, I actually hit pan on it!

    I've read the Carrie Diaries and it's kind of juvenile compared to Sex in the City. Nothing really exciting happens until the end :/

  4. I just posted my wishlist on my blog. I want a dslr and sigma brushes too. I just bought Russian Red today

  5. @Arezu - waahh i was hoping that book would be good.. thanks for letting me know =]


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