I went to the DASH store yesterday!


Lots of people in that little boutique..
Some who weren't so happy with it and some who thought everything was "Stunninggg!"

The clothing in the store is nothing special. 
There were a few items that i would wear but most of what i saw got a O_o <<- yes that was my face.


Besides clothes... they sell jewelry, Kardashian Glamour Tan, Quick Trim, Kim's perfume, and DASH water($10).
Seriously? $10 for agua? 

(not sure what's in those little boxes.. if there's even anything in them)
Wait! I was reading around and i think those might be the candles that they're selling for $40.

I love the Kardashians.. i'm def. a fan.. but the boutique is not so great.
I didn't buy anything.. just went in to check it out and i left a little disappointed.

but thennnn..

I went into the MAC store right next to DASH and saw Rochelle(Tichina Arnold) from Everybody Hates Chris!!
I tried snapping a pic but she looked at me and i tried to play it off as if i was texting on my phone.
I'm sure she probably thought i was crazy.. i mean i could have just asked her to take it...

So here's a pic of.... everything but her face lmao.
Boots with the furrrr!

Apparently i'm no good at stalking celebs or being discreet about it lol so i'm sorry for the horrible pic.
I'll leave that to the paparazzi from now on.

later Cupcakez!



  1. LMAO at the pic of Tichina.. I heard the same thing about Dash. The things in there aren't really worth the cost.

  2. boot with the furr! LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO. your halirous.

  3. lmaooo next time just bring me with you I'm good with celebs 80% of the time haha. it happens but ehh I'm not a big fan of Kardashians don't know why I don't hate them I just don't care for them.

  4. you look cute!! I bet everything in there is over price just because the Kardashian's s own the store. I'm a huge fan of them tho... lmao at you trying to be a paparazzi :p

  5. I've been wanting to make a trip to soho just to see what their store looked like, noww I have an excuse since mac is next door :)

  6. I kinda figured their prices would be expensive..aqua for 10 bucks and a candle for 40? LOL! And girl I love that show everybody hates chris..r u sure it was her? she looks slim from your pic! girl u r too funny!

  7. lol, maybe you'll get a better photo of the next celeb you run into.

    sucks that the DASH store wasn't that great--and super expensive!

    Please enter my Lanvin, Jewelry & Makeup (and nail polishes) holiday giveaway on my blog!


  8. @MissNikka yep i checked her twitter (like a stalker) to make sure it was her.. she said she was at the MAC store lol


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