My Fav. Fall Trends 2010.

Since Fall has just started I wanted to share some of my favorite trends for this season.

1. Faux Fur Vests - 
Yes faux fur please. =] Wear it over short sleeve tops.. over long sleeve tops.. belted.. love it!

2. Over The Knee Boots -
I'm dying for a pair! but be careful.. you can go from fab to hooker in a second if the outfit doesn't work.

3. Metallic & Dark Nails -
I always love a dark nail polish for Fall but right now i have a thing for metalics.

4.  Fedora's, Oxfords, Oversized Watches (and all that jazzzz lol) -
Menswear is big right now so don't be afraid to raid your boyfriends/husbands/dads/brothers closets.

5. Maxi Dresses - 
This great summer trend is making it's way into Fall. Wear it with cute cardigan or blazer!

6. Peg Leg Trousers -
These trousers are looser on top.. tighter towards the bottom. They kind of have a harem pant feel but without the major crotch sagging lol.

7. Bright Red to Deeps Plum Lips -  
These shades are sexy and can make any outfit go from day to night.

8. and yes Military and Animal Print are still going strong. =]

What are your Fall favorites?



  1. great leopard shoes and love those gray boots let the fall begin

  2. Love those knee high boots and the military jacket..they have these cute ones at target.

  3. I love the faux fur trend! It's never cold long enough here to wear a fur vest without looking silly :(


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