A Miracle!

For those of us who love Urban Decay Primer Potion.. 
there is 1 thing we absolutely hate about it...

That Bottle!

[all pics from Sephora.com]
although it looks pretty..
it is the biggest pain everrr

i hate when the time comes to cut open that bottle
So much product is left in there and the only option is to dissect your primer to remove all of it's insides lol

but something great has happened

Urban Decay has finally made UDPP in a squeeze tube!

not only is this sooo much more convenient but it also keeps your primer a lot less germified lol =]

the original primer costs $18 at Sephora and is 0.34 oz
the new squeeze tube is $29 and is 0.85 oz (25 ml larger than the original)

i'd say the only "Womp" is the price..
it kills me to even pay $18 for the original..
but the new one would last me forever.. i want!



  1. Finally!!! I just bought Too Faced Insurance primer instead of the Urban Decay.. Ahhh.. Wow, the price.. I'll probably end up buying it though. HAHA.

  2. It's about damn time they listened. But wow at the price, they are bugging... but, who am I kidding. I know I'll most likely buy it! lol

    I definitely need to try the Too Faced Shadow Insurance to compare and contrast before I splurge on the new Urban Decay.

  3. I am so glad Urban Decay heard our pleas when it came to changing the packaging-I love the new one!

  4. Too bad this is only LIMITED EDITION! Boooo! Stock up ladies! Or perhaps it is a lie to make us rush out and buy, buy, buy!!

  5. ohh wow! that tube is so much better! this product is so great, i use it daily. thanks for the post! xo


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