Introduce Yourself.

I wanted to do a post to help interact with my readers.
i have over 700 readers and i know that i haven't met all of you..
so introduce yourself =]

leave your

and any bit of info you feel like sharing to help me learn more about you!
likeeee are you a makeup newbie or expert?
what's your fav. makeup product?

if you have any makeup/fashion requests or any questions
leave it in your comment



  1. Hi my name is Natalie. I'm 15! And I live in Texas (but I'm not a farm girl). I'm a big city type girl. I enjoy reading your blog. And I also have a blog.
    Feel free to read and follow, if you want to. :)

  2. Hi , this is kiya , i'm 25 lives in Maryland.
    I am a make up newbie, dont have a favorite make up product as yet lol
    i absolutely love your make up and hope to see more from u
    take care

  3. hello hello :)

    Name : Maryann
    Age: almost 19!
    Location: Perth, Western Australia

    I discovered blogger and all these lovely makeup gurus about end of last year and I just reached over 100 followers :) Im still learning n growing with makeup and I really want to get into tutorials when Ive built up my confidence. I always read your blog :)


  4. Hi Julz! :)

    My name is Nikka and Im 24 from Chicago! Im a late bloomer when it comes to makeup. I just started collecting and using makeup ever since I started watching gurus on youtube that's about 2 years ago and then I found out about blogger and gotten more addicted to makeup! I only used eyeliner before, now if I think about it, how can I only live with eyeliner! lol

    Please do a post on your favorite blushes if you havent because Im a blush freak! :)


  5. Hi my name is Eva & i'm 22 (will be turning 23 on August 28th !!). I was born in raised in Los Angeles, CA. Since I was a little girl I always loved watching my mum do her make up. She was absolutely stunning and make up helped her accentuate her features. She taught me a lot of techniques that I now use on my clients :)



  6. Hi I'm Maria from Pakistan.I'm 17 years old but look older i guess..:D
    lets follow each other cox i really like yourx!

  7. hii im ipeh,21 years old. i come from Bandung Indonesia .. blogin is fun! xD
    i lovee make up hehe

  8. Hello, what a great idea!

    My name is Ashley, I am 26 from Texas. I love blogging and nail polish( I am a stay at home mom to my son, Morgan, who turns 3 in September. I have also been with my SO since I was 16...goin on 10!

  9. Name: Patricia
    Age: 23
    Location: San Diego, California

    I started really getting into make-up in the end of 2006...I used to join all those make-up group forums on myspace & admire the talent of some girls... then 07 i started watching make-up gurus on youtube tutorials and been hooked since. Im not a newbie with make-up but I'm not expert either! My favorite product would have to be blush.

  10. Name: Kierra
    Age: 15
    Location: SC

  11. thanks so much for introducing yourselves =] and thank you for following my blog ladies! <3

  12. Hello My Name is Cynthia or as everyone else refers to me as Cyn. I am 25 years old and reside downtown Manhattan in NYC. I am a makeup newbie I would say although my entire life have been facinated by it. Just this past year I have been trying to learn all I can about the art of makeup. While doing that and blogging I also work with children and youn girls. I am currently in the process of starting my own online Girls Organization to Empower young girls and women. Growing up as a young girl I was not fortunate to have an outlet so I decided to change that and help all young girls cope with being a girl in this world. It is my passion and it makes everything worthwhile for me. That is why I have my blogsites and website

  13. Name: Denisse
    Age: 17
    Location: Veracruz, Mexico :)

    i just discoverde your blog
    i <3 it it's soo cute n.n


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