NOTD: Sinful Colors "Neon Melon"

I love Sinful Colors so i picked up this polish at Walgreens

neon polish = great for summer
but my experience with this one didn't go so well
the struggle was getting the polish to look the way it does in the bottle
with 1-3 coats it looked like i colored my nails with a highlighter.. you could see right through the polish
so i painted my nails with a white polish first (2 coats)
and then with "Neon Melon" (2 coats)

the first 4 fingers have the white polish underneath
the last nail has 4 or 5 coats of just the "Neon Melon"

since the polish is only $2 i guess i can't really complain much
i do love the color though.. it's soo bright in the sun =D
i just wish it was easier to get the color to show



  1. I'm wearing this color now. LOL I had to add like fifty eleven coats in order for it to pop (maybe due to my length) but I got it. Love the color!

  2. i have the same polish,
    i bought it at walgreens 2 years ago,
    agreed, it is hard to get it to look like the bottle but in the sun it looks great,
    its currently on my toes :)

  3. i love sinful colors too. lets talk is my fav. but i have a china glaze polish like this that i have a hard time with too. but i love that neon color!

  4. ohhh I like this :] I'm light skinned though so maybe it won't be flattering on me? it looks better with the white paint under though :]

  5. I love this color!

  6. I dont have a yellow nailpolsh, will check this one out! :D

  7. I love the color!!

    btw I gave you an award! Check it out on my blog

  8. love this nail colour.

    check out my blog.


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