Daisy Fuentes "Unforgettable You" Book Review

I was contacted by Victoria @ ID to review Daisy Fuentes new book "Unforgettable You".

I got to finish reading it while i was away =]

In the book Daisy talks about how to become an unforgettable you. (obviously lol)
She shares advice that she has learned through experience, from family, friends, and other celebs.

The topics she writes about:
-Knowing who you are
- Etiquette
- Relationships with men, family, and friends
- Sex
- Spirituality
- Beauty


This book is filled with interesting facts and great tips that every girl should know...
such as first date do's and don'ts, grammar help, etiquette, beauty tips and more.

It also has lots of questionnaires to help you learn more about yourself and where you want to be.

 Overall it was a pretty good book to read in my free time.. but i would not pay $24.00 for it..
that's a little much in my opinion lol
so if you're interested in this book check out Amazon.com for a better deal =]

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me (free) for review.



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