Konad Stamping Nail Art Review + NOTD

WowSoCool.com sent me Konad Stamping Nail Art goodies to review!

Here's what i got:

Konad Special Nail Polish(white)
Konad Stamp & Scraper
Konad Image Plate M57

 animal print<3
so me and this Konad stamper have a love/hate relationship..
sometimes it wants to come out perfect... other times not so much lol
i'm thinking i might be working too slowly and just need to get the hang of it
(when using the stamper you have to work quickly)
but in the end i loved how my nails turned out =]

oh! and its not just for stamping your nails...
you can also use it to stamp your sunglasses, cellphones, mirrors, or any plastic surface.

My pretty nails! (NOTD)
i feel like i got them done by a profes-see-oh-nal lol

What I used:
Sinful Colors "Midnight Blue"
Nail Art Pen & Brush
Konad Special Polish
Ulta X Dry Top Coat
Ulta Base Coat

How i did it:
1. Ulta base coat
2. Sinful Colors "Midnight Blue"
3. After my nails were dry i used my Konad stamper
  • apply special nail polish to image plate design
  • scrape
  • press stamp on image plate
  • roll stamp onto nail
4. Use pink nail pen to fill in some spots
 5. Apply top coat

Check out WowSoCool.com for all of their Konadness lol

Disclaimer: Items reviewed in this post were sponsored by wowsocool.com 



  1. O that is lovely!

  2. I have Konad Stamps! <3

    What you did is so cute! I want that plate!

  3. love this! problem is I can't have anything on my nails because of my job. I'm constantly removing my nail polish

  4. Love the blue and the cheetah print! I have the same plate and I love it. I haven't Konad-ed in awhile, you have inspired me to get on it again :)

  5. Love the blue and your design came out great. Nice touch.

  6. i have thhat same stamping set i love the zebra one!

  7. LOVE IT!

    lol I haven't tried mine out yet.

  8. I have that same plate! I didn't buy the special polish because I thought I could use any polish, but now I'm thinking I need to pick one of those polishes up.

    I haven't used mine in so long because of that, lol.

  9. I love it! The color combination is gorgeous--I might just have to give that a try when I paint my nails next. Seeing all this always makes me want to get Konad, haha. Great post!

  10. wow i love your liitle cheetah creation...I want that zebra pattern lol

  11. just want 2 say the blog is dope and 2 keep up the good work. check out streetwearcouture.blogspot.com and let us no wat u think. maybe get a shirt lol thank u


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