I'm Leaving!

for those of you who don't know.. 
i just wanted to tell you all that i'm leaving this Sunday to visit my mom in DR
I'll be gone for 3 weeks =[ but i will have a few posts scheduled for you.

i won't be able to blog or read my favorite blogs... won't be able to tweet or text..  so saddd

i don't want to get on the plane.. i'm scared for my life lol
but hopefully i get back in one piece and will have tons of posts for you!

If you're interested in hearing about my trip and seeing pics when i get back please leave a comment letting me know!

i'll miss uuu.. and i hope to come back to lots of lovely comments! ;]

laterrr my little cupcakez!



  1. I'm going to miss you! Hurry back! lol

  2. Have a great time.
    I've never flown but I was high once. LOL.

  3. Have fun and take tons of pictures.. HAHA. Well, of course you will..

  4. about the air plane...ayy chica I understand you..I get sick before I even get on lol. Hope you have fun and come back in one piece lol and post up pics of your adventures... Beso.

  5. Can't wait to see the pix and hear about your trip! You will get there safely don't worry. A couple of weeks ago I had to fly by myself the first time and I was sick the whole ride to the airport from being so nervous.... but once I was on the plane I was fine! Planes are safer than driving.

  6. I've been to DR once! Safe travels! Would love to see pics!

  7. Have fun on your trip to the DR! Spend time with Mom Dukes! :D

    also you're on VACAY! forget twitter & crap like that LOL

  8. awww have fun in DR! pics would be lovely :D
    3 weeks so sooo long meng :( lol

  9. Awwww... Have a safe trip and most definitely we wanna see pictures.


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