My Eyeshadow Palette.

A lot of you have been asking about the eyeshadow palette i'm always using..


(yes.. "Manly" lol)


i bought it online at like 2-3 years ago
buy they no longer sell this palette

it has 80 colors
it was supposed to have matte and shimmer shadows.. but they are mostly shimmer or frost
which i wasn't too happy about since i wanted some matte colors
but they do have great pigmentation and a little goes a long way

i'm thinking of getting one of THESE next

you can search bf-beauty, coastalscents, or ebay for eyeshadow palettes



  1. Lol @ the name but they do look great because the colors your eye looks always pop. I love my coastal scents palettes, I can say that they have changed my life lol.

  2. 80 colors, wow! no wonder your eyes always turn out so great!

  3. The colors all look really pretty, but I'd prefer it to have many more matte colors too.

  4. pretty colors...i have the 120 palette 2nd edition and it also says manly!!lol!!


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