Makeup on darker skintones.. Prom looks.. Requests..

if you ladies are interested in seeing makeup looks on darker skin tones let me know!
my cousin will be my model =]

 also.. prom time is almost here!
so i will be taking prom look requests

if you have any other makeup requests or something you would like to see on my blog just leave a comment or send an email




  1. Darker skintones! I'm doing makeup for a friend of mine this weekend and she's a very dark skin tone. I'd love to see more looks for my dark girls! :)

  2. yes, please. how do you make the color actually show on your face...thanks!

  3. Yes I would love to see make-up ideas on darker skin but your tutorials have been so helpful to me none the less! thanks chica =)

  4. i'm not going to prom but i would like to see a "golden" look for darker skin tones

    thanks hun


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