New Shoes from GoJane!

I received these cute shoes from GoJane!
(thanks for everything Kristin!!)

like i said in my last GoJane post.. i <3 their shoes! lol
my new sexy beasts =]
"stud trim laced shield heel" in brown
they're on sale right now for $12.99!
they have a 4.5 inch heel
who wants to hold my hand while i walk? lol
me and heels don't go well together but i'm determined to change that by this summer!

i've ordered a few things from GoJane in the past and i loved them

Check out the site!
they have a great selection of clothes and shoes to choose from!
Enter the code "GJSHIP50" for free standard shipping on orders over $50

I will soon be doing an outfit post wearing these new babies.

disclaimer: these shoes were sent to me by for review

later cupcakez!



  1. Love it! And wooo! Hot heels to talk in..

  2. i love they always have designer inspired shoes which i love especially their prices xoxox

  3. OMG Those shoes are sooo fab! I love them :) I bet they would look amazing with a short dress, or maybe dark skinny jeans and a black top :)

  4. Those shoes look soooo cute! I love gave me an idea of what to buy with the giftcard I won from your contest. :) So affordable too! Im so excited to shop!

  5. I have one question, are the shoes true to size? How do they fit? please let me know..xoxo

  6. Those are so cutee!
    I'm already 5'10. I would tower over my husband in those!!!

  7. Those are so cute!

    Girlll me and heels don't get along eithier! I bought some from target yesterday (4 inches) and they're not so hard to walk in! I was shocked. But yeah by summer I want to be amazin in heels too! ;]


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