You Better WORK!

i'm exciteddddd!
they paint their faces like no other.. bring on the fierceness!
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 premieres tonight on LOGO 9/8c

who's going to watch??
i suggest that you dooo! lol



  1. weird, your posts dont show up in my reader?!

  2. Can't wait!!! Love this post & SHOW!

  3. Ooooo-weeee! That sh1t looks fieerrce. What is LOGO though? I'm not sure I have that channel? I thought it was going to be on VH1. Hahaha, I guess I will just channel surf until I find it! Thanks for the heads-up

  4. I LOVE this show, I'm so glad it's back!

  5. I saw this show last Monday! I loved it!!!! I am def going to stay tuned to who makes it to the end. They are all very fierce and fabulous :) I am so jealous because the way they do their own makeup...its always flawless!!!


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