My Eye Diagram.

I made a diagram for you ladies to help you understand where i place my shadows.

**This is not a makeup look**
DO NOT attempt to recreate this look or leave your house like this! lol
i've colored each section to show a diff. part of the eye

Inner lid, Middle lid, and Outer lid:
eyeshadows here usually(not always) go from light to dark 
starting at the inner part of lid and ending at the outer part of lid 

the indent between your lid and your brow bone
darker shadows applied here add depth to the eye

Outer V:
the outer V forms a V shape starting on the outer part of the lid
from your top lashes into your crease

the bone right above your crease
 this is where i begin to lightly blend my crease color up to my highlight
you can also apply a lighter shade than the color used in your crease to help you with blending

a part of the brow bone.. this section is right under your eyebrow
here is where you place your lightest color
either a shade close to your skin tone or the lightest that goes with your color scheme

Inner corner/Tear duct:
a lighter shadow should be placed here(either your highlight color or lighter)
this will make your eyes pop and look brighter
*for close set eyes, applying a light shadow here will make your eyes appear further apart

there are 2 waterlines- 1 near your top lashes and 1 near your lower lashes
applying eyeliner to your upper waterline is known as "tightlining"
applying eyeliner to the lower waterline can either define or widen the eye
white liner will make your eyes appear larger, while a darker liner adds definition
bright colored liner just adds a pop of color for a fun look

Lower Lashline:
below your bottom lashes
any colors can be added here..
*for a smokey eye, darker colors should be applied here and blended for that smoked out look

Remember to blend!

Hope this helped!



  1. This is such a good post, thankyou! x

  2. Wow! You are using a lot of eye shadows at once!

  3. You are so sweet for thinking of other divas. Thanks for posting this. Your one of my favorite Divas!

  4. lol, girl, if anyone wore this like a look, I'd love to see!

    Very helpful! :D Thanks for sharing!

  5. a man i anted to try nd rock this look lol. great post. when people ask me wat i mean i will direct them here!

  6. Really wonderful 101 :)) I wanted to do something like that either, but... well ... i don't want to copy you lol :D

  7. I love this, can I post this on my blog?

  8. That was extremely helpful! Thank you!

  9. Great idea to do this :)

    lots of love,

  10. Thanks for posting the picture, its really helpful x

  11. I posted it on my blog and I linked back to you :-).

  12. hat a great post !
    Its helpful.
    Thanks sweetie


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