1 thing you may not know about me..

i love baking
and no i do not bake from scratch

i mean buying the box,
mixing it up,
throwing it in the oven,
and calling it a day baking lol

and what i love more than baking.. decorating what i baked!

so since this blog is called PiinkCupcakez...
i was thinking of posting up cupcakes or cakes that i baked once a month

like this idea?

leave a comment with your thoughts.. or send an email =]



  1. I love cupcakes they are so good i might give you one for your birthday ool..... liking the blog really..

  2. OMG i love baking too!! i actually made my daughters bday cake and it rocked! and i do it from the box too lol

  3. cupcakes go with everything!


  4. they look sooo yummy! I wish I knew how to bake...

  5. Yum! That would be awesome! Great idea! Can't wait to see them!

  6. That's so funny today I asked my sister to make me some cupcakes and she made Sushi...

    I really need some cupcakes right !

  7. DO IT! DO IT! =)

    I freakin' LOOOOVE cupcakes. I don't really do regular cakes, but cupcakes? Yummmy, I'm all over it. I can't bake from scratch either, lol. But hey, as long as you put in all that love when you're tastes delish no matter what!

  8. Looks so pretty and yummy! Your so great at this!

  9. Yes,that sounds like a great idea!!

  10. I love this idea! I'm a cupcake-holic. Seriously, I'd rather my husband surprise me with cupcakes than jewelry any day! I'll eat six in one sitting!

    Yeah, share your creations with us, fa sho!

  11. yummy. my greedy behind is loving this idea! lol

  12. Now that's my kind of baking! haha. I love the idea, can't wait to see what you bake! :)

  13. omg,i love that idea and ur blog,

  14. Great idea. Your cupcakes look professional. I gotta work on making what I cook LOOK appetizing. lol


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