Tossing It!!

so a few posts ago i did a review on 2 new eyeliners i had bought and a new mascara

at the time that i did the Review and the Purple Haze EOTD everything was good

but thennn...

i used all 3 together one night when i went out..
came home.. fell asleep in my makeup(i know i know.. bad me!)
woke up the next morning...

my eyes were all crusty and oozing puss

i'm thinking i had an eye infection because i had fallen asleep with my makeup on


every time that i would do my eyes after a while they would start to puss again

so today i tried each of the new eye products alone
and the 1 causing all this nastiness to my eyes is.....

this evil thing!

no idea why this is irritating my eyes so much
everyone else seems to be fine with it

so now i'm tossing it..


Coming Soon...

a Chola Inspired Look



  1. right when i was about to try it out .lol .. thanks ! now i know !

  2. O wow! I am sorry to hear that :( Thanks for the heads up on this...I am def going to stay away.

  3. Ohhh no!! Was it old or defective? I'd be writing a nasty letter to the company demanding some coupons or something.

  4. Maybe your allergic? I'm always having a hard time using eyeliners, my eyes get all irritated:S

  5. I'm sorry to hear that, but thanks for the review.


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