Sephora Mini Haul.

Last week i got a $15 Gift Card from Sephora
(one of the perks of being a Sephora Beauty Insider so go sign up!)

the goodz...
Sephora Multi-Action Nail Polish in Pure Plum
Sephora Lip Attitude- Chic l/s in Rose Prodigy
My Bday gift- Sephora lip gloss set
NARS Eyeshadow in Silent Night
Sephora Khol Expert eyeliner pencil in Noir Artist

NARS "Silent Night"
(a metallic gold color)
Sephora was selling this NARS shadow for only $9!
Crazyyy.. so you know i had to get it =]

i'll be doing a holiday party look sometime this weekend



  1. Great haul! That's an awesome deal on the NARS.

    Im looking forward to the Chola Look post!


  2. $9??? that beyond a good deal! cute haul :)

  3. ♥ your haul, Missy! I have the same $15 gc/ coupon. Spend $30, right? I was trying to figure out how I can go in and out without w/o going overboard. My closest stand alone store is a little over an hour Freehold.

    Silent Night was the only e/s marked at $9?

    Jersey Shore...Diva, they are a HOT MESS!!! However, what a lot of people don't realize is that they are from Staten Island. Yes, they are Benny's!!!! The most annoying part of the show isn't the fact that they sound really stupid but the fact that they keep saying "The Jersey Shore" and "New Jersey" every 15minutes. True Jerseyans don't talk like that *rolling eyes*
    I didn't see the slap, yet. I TiVoed it, so I can sit back and replay it over the weekend. They better not cancel the show!!!

  4. U got the NARS shadow for $9??!!! I'm sooooo jealous lol. How did u find out about it being a low price?

  5. U$S9? OMG! You're so lucky for having gotten that, and it seems like such a beautiful colour! Great haul!

  6. at the check out Sephora has a "Sweet Steal" (on the website.. not sure if it's instore)

    i think it changes every week..

    and last week they had "Silent Night" for $9
    this week they have a lip gloss n tooth whitener for $10

  7. Call me dumb now....I saw that shadow,.touched it...n then decided not to buy....stupid haaan!!1

    Told me dumb...

  8. i got the same thing! im going to sephora maybe tomorrow to pick up some mufe eyeshadows ; great haul !

  9. Great haul, I haven't used my $15 coupon yet, I think I will today!

  10. awesome haul♥
    love the eyeshadow
    is the liner any good

  11. I didn't get a $15 gift card! WTH, Sephora?! LOL!

    I love, love, love that plum polish. I can't believe the eyeshadow was so cheap! I never buy NARS because I'm a cheapskate. LOL! That's an awesome deal though!


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