Maybelline Colossal Mascara Review.

it claims to give 9xs the volume in just one coat with a volume plumping formula that contains collagen

the brush


(only 1 coat)

the good:
this mascara does just what it says..
i dunno about "9xs the volume" after 1 coat but def. after 2
when i applied a second coat i had crazy/amazing lashes lol
i love dramatic lashes and with this i don't need falsies to get it!
the bad:
it does have a weird smell.. it doesn't bother me at all but some of you may not like it

i'll def. be buying this mascara again



  1. Don't you just love it!! The smell isn't that big deal to me either.

  2. Great review lil diva! Thanks. RiteAid has Maybelline BOGO (11/08/2009 - 11/14/2009.) I could use a blk and brn of this line.

    I ♥ the dramatic effect!

  3. omg i used to have this mascara... it was a love/hate relationship. i mean, i loved the look it gave me but i really couldn't get over the weird smell. but i still really loved the look =)

  4. I've got this, & I love it, however it doesn't do much lengthening, even though it DOESN'T SAY it does, it would be nice, so I use stiletto first, & then colossal for full/long lashes. Great review, & I'm loving your blog <3


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