Carmex Moisture Plus

am i late on this?
i'm a Carmex addict..
oo soo soft lips are a must!
especially with winter around the corner

it has Vitamin E and aloe to keep lips moisturized..
along with SPF15 for protection
with a clear, satin gloss finish.

and now it comes in this cute little applicator
instead of the jar and tube that reads "For Cold Sores"
people will no longer think that you have the herp! lol
and no more using your fingers!



  1. Are you back to blogging girly?!
    I never heard of it either.

    My sister pulled it out her purse the other day I was like "When did you get that?" lol

  2. ooo i need to get this!! I love carmex but hated the lil jar! I hope its the same formula though Thx girly!


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