Crown Brush Review + EOTD

yayy my brushes are here!!
i ordered them from either sunday or monday and they got here friday which is super fast!

u can find some of the brushes at

some are cheaper on coastalscents.. some are cheaper on crownbrush
but crownbrush has a muchhh wider selection

(click pics to enlarge)
from left to right:jumbo powder dome C107
large chisel blush C142
oval camouflage C224
small chisel fluff C210
chisel mini smudger C213
taklon liner C250-1
italian badger round tapered crease IB116
italian badger deluxe crease IB119
pink kabouki brush KB5

a closer look at the smaller brushes
all together everything was $40.61(including shipping)
so i got 9 really good brushes for the price of 2 of the cheapest MAC brushes lol
that makes me happy

i haven't used the liner or the face brushes yet but they are sooo soft! i love them..
the rest all work really well and so far no shedding
i'd def. order from here again..
the only thing is that they have $7 shipping but it's so worth it

onto the EOTD
i created this look using the new brushes and my 80 palette from beauties-factory
the colors are numbered in the pic below in the order i used them
first i applied UDPP
bright blue(1) on lid stopping right at the crease
light brown(2) in crease blended up to brow bone
darker brown(3) in crease with a smaller brush.. blended into right where the blue and brown meet
light beige(4) inner corner and highlight
apply the the darker brown(3) to the lower lashline
Eyeliner- Ulta pencil in black.. smudged into the brown on lower lashline
Mascara- Sugar DoubleWinkhope u like!!


  1. thank you soo much for following my blog
    i hope you have a go at my contest
    and i love the eyeshadow palette in this post!!

  2. your welcome and thanks for following mine!

  3. Blogger is acting retarded so I can't see the pics and u didnt come up in my updates =( I came on ur page to let u know i wrote back to u in one of my entries thru comment but I figured u didnt see it and I noticed u wrote an entry.

  4. I can't see the pictures. =/
    I agree, blogger is being kinda weird.

  5. the photos doesn't showed up, something wrong with my pc. grrr...

  6. stupid blogger!
    they really need to get it together lol

  7. YAY! Now I can see all the pictures.
    The brushes look nice.
    OMG! I hate high shipping. =[

    Love the eyes!!
    You put liner on so perfect. WTF! lol

  8. yayyy! lol
    thanksss u know i try lol no it took alot of practice.. i used to hate putting it on

  9. Welcome. lol You use pencil, right?
    I only use liquid liner these days.

  10. yea i haven't used liquid in a while.. i gotta get me some.. pencils just so much cheaper lol

  11. That kabuki brush is soooo adorable! I want a pink one but I don't do face makeup mostly because I'm new to this makeup thing and I never quite know what I'm doing.

    You on the other hand are amazing at it. That eye look you did is amazing. I love it. I need to invest in some UDPP cuz I have that whole crease problem.

    I think I might go back to pencil liner too cuz liquid liner is sooooo messy sometimes

  12. lol. Such a cheap-o.
    I prefer liquid > pencil any day!

    Need to pick me up some colored liner though.
    Rhimmel has some good pencils!
    It's like $3 for one though... =/
    Just might pick up the thin NYX ones for 99cents.

  13. their from CS? i gotta check it out! nice blueeeish e/s look

  14. Twisted Elegance- thanks and yes u should invest in UDPP.. i love it.. b4 i started using it my eye makeup would always look like shit in a few hrs lol

    Rai- lol i know! i really need to get a job so i can not be so cheap.. but yea 99cents sounds alot better for a pencil

    xo_Deja- thanks!

    FuN and MakeUp- thank uu! i ordered the brushes from crownbrush.. but they have some of the same brushes at coastalscents

  15. those brushes looks nice!! i wish i had ur eyebrows man!

  16. WOW! Another cool make-up! I love your cool color combinations ever!

  17. love your look! I checked out that crown brush site, the brushes are pretty cheap I'm probably going to buy from there soon.

  18. I loveee that pink kabuki its one of my faves!

    Don't forget to check out my new Lady Gaga Looks contest! =)

  19. thanks!
    and Jaimie i loooove Lady Gaga.. i'm gonna go check it out now =]

  20. oo glad i commented - i want to see this lady gaga contest too! hehe

    that shadow palette looks good - i just ordered my coastal scents one and will see what happens.

    love the blog!

  21. ooh love the EOTD. that palette is pretty. i've always wanted to try crown brushes. i do have loew-cornell ones that work just the same. they're awesome.

  22. Damn, everytime I see your eyes I'm in awe they're so pretty! How the hell do you get your brows so perfect? Haha my grandma always offers us coronas when we visit. =)

  23. love the look, and that's a great deal for those brushes!

  24. Seriously looking fierce! Perfect eyeshadow. I don't know how you do it, but you do it everytime. ;) Still addicted to your page too.

    Those brushes are a steal! I feel lame for spending the same and getting one damn brush. Crown brushes here I come! lol

  25. congrats on the gossip girl contest chickadee!

  26. congratulations my fellow gossip girl winner... have a fabulous weekend!!!

  27. On Crown brushes, Can you pay with credit card on the website? Or how do you pay?

  28. yea u pay with credit card
    first u place the order.. then they call u like a day later to confirm it and to get your credit card info


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