Valentinez Day Eyez

It's February 1st.. Lovey Dovey Day is coming up!

time to start thinking of what to wear..
how to do your hair..
and how u will be painting your face..

i will be posting up some looks for u ladiiz so u can get ideas..
and if u decide to recreate 1 of my looks then i'd like to see pics! lol

what i used:
Ulta Love- on lid
MAC Passionate- on outer half of lid and in crease
Ulta Galaxy- on outer corner blended into MAC Passionate
Ulta Pearl- on inner corner and as a highlight
Eyeliner- Wet n Wild pencil in Black Black
Mascara- Too Faced Lash Injection

*for non creasing, stay all day, fabulous eyes i recommend that u use an eyeshadow primer... i always apply Urban Decay Primer Potion b4 i do my eyes when going out*

but for this look and others i've posted i didn't use it since i wasn't going anywhere... just felt like playing in the makeup..

if u ladiiz have anything u want me to post about.. or any looks u want to see.. just request it..

and Rai im gettin to your request.. i didn't forget! lol
i'll try to get to it tomorrow



  1. I love it! lol.
    ...maybe I'll recreate it. :]

    I'm too anxious to see what you come
    up with, Julisa.

  2. love the look

    lmao@painting yout face

  3. if you have any outfit ideas that would be bangin lol

    I have the same dress that u brought from wet seal I was gonna wear that but I'm not so sure.

    Oh and I just realized that I commented on ur first post instead of ur most recent lol sorry I'm absent minded.

    Love ur blog hun <3 def one of my favs

  4. u r absolutely amazing with makeup!
    ima big fan

  5. Oh yeah, I meant to ask before
    what camera do you use?

  6. Rai- thanksss.. and if u do.. pics please! lol
    i have a fujifilm finepix z20fd.. woooo thats long
    i had to look at the box lol.. and its hot pink yayyy lol

    Devon__x and KC!!- mucho thank u's!

    Femme Fatale- thanks! that dress is cuuute for valentines day.. thats what i was gonna wear but now i think i'll be spending it at home lol..
    and i tried commenting your blog but it's not workinggg!

    Ms Amanda Mercedes- thank u! and thanks for following!

  7. Maybe I'll try my hand at makeup one of these days haha ;]
    That's very pretty though and you have gorgeous eyes!!

  8. That's very pretty. :)

    Thank you for following my blog. I appreciate it.

    Keep up the great work.

  9. how pretty! love the pink you used

  10. I just love your looks. Your eyes are so gorgeous and then you just add this magic and it becomes phenomenal. Love this babe!

  11. lol. Oooh, nice! I want another camera. Sometimes mine is good, than it's not. =/
    Mine is pink, too!

  12. ♥FIRE!!!

    OK lil mama, you did your damn thing.

  13. Great look - Pink really suits you:)

  14. Thanks soooo much for telling me I had no idea my comment box wasnt working. I fixed it though!

  15. hello hottie! thank's so much on your greetings! :)

  16. so prety pink look :] so romantic :]

  17. I absolutely love this look! It's so girlie and you did such a wonderful job it.

  18. girl u rocked that look! =]
    i tried this look today ! it came it out crummy, lol i didnt have same colors so i tried to use my own lol but it came out like bubble gum pink
    but i'll get to your looks soon ! lmao =]


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