Red Hot Eyez!

ok Rai so here is the red look u requested.. i finally did it! lol

i did 2 looks
added a lil more drama to the first one


Look #1-

what i used:
Ulta Aztec Gold- inner corner
80 palette Red(pictured below)- on the rest of lid
80 palette Black(pictured below)- cut crease
Ulta Taupe- highlight
Eyeliner- Wet n Wild pencil in Black Black
Mascara- Too Faced Lash Injection

*this palette and others can be purchased at*
for cutting the crease- using the black shadow and a stiff brush.. draw a curved line in the crease starting from the outer corner to the inner corner... then with your shadow brush apply the black close to the line and start to blend up

Look #2-
what i used:
the same shadows mentioned above but with Ulta Champagne as the highlight
the red on the lid is actually the same red in the other look.. i dunno y it looks different here


for the crease i used the same red and and added some black to darken it.. then blended everything

coming up: Pink n Green Eyes



  1. I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee very cute!

  2. I love both looks! i might do the first one on valentines day. Would u be willing to do one with pink instead of red?

    Do you use any eyeshadow primers or anything? Your stuff always looks great

    much love <3a

  3. The DIVA- thaaaaaaaaaaanks! lol

    Femme Fatale- thanks! if u do it take pics.. i wanna see! lol...
    yes i cannn.. u want it pink and black?
    and i use urban decay primer potion.. i don't have it on in these pics tho

  4. Ahhh, I love both looks!
    The 1st one reminds me of a look
    I did when I first got my 78 palette. lol

    Thaaaaaanks. :]

  5. your welcome.. glad u like them! =]

  6. what to do tonight?..... RECREATING THE SECOND LOOK!!!


  7. this is soooo nice !! do u put a base on before???


  8. Wow, really nice! Where did you get that 80 color palatte? I always want to buy a nice palatte but I dont know which one to buy or where to find them. :( I like that one!!!

  9. i loveloveloveeee im def gonna try it out with my 98 pallette! thanksss!

  10. Kay- thank u!

    KC!! and Devon- yayy! post pics! lol

    pinksmOoches- thanks! and no i didnt use a base for these

    Princess Katrina- thanksss and i got the palette from
    they have alot of different ones to choose from

  11. I swear girl...your hot as hell. Love these ones babes. Love, love, love! I'm still obsessed BTW;)

  12. thanksss gorgeous! i love being your obsession! lol

  13. You have gorgeous eyes.

  14. Wow, I absolutely love this look!!

  15. Cheryl- thank u.. they're contacts tho =/ lol

    missnesh- thank uuu =]

  16. Thanks girl! I will def. go shopping for one online NOW! hehehe


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