The Makeup Show

ok so i know i'm kind of early with this lol.. but i wanted to know if any of u are going to the makeup show this year

i wanted to go last year but that didn't work out so i'm def. going to try again this year

if u don't know about The Makeup Show u can check it out HERE

and if any of u have gone in the past let me know what it was like!


  1. I haven't been but am dying to go to the Pasadena show. If you go hottie, let me know how it is! I heard its amazing!

  2. M- yayy lol.. well if u go then i'll see u there.. if i go.. hopefully lol

    Yas- i'll def. be letting u and everybody else know if i'm going.. i'll be so excited that i'll want to tell everyone lol

    Rai- if i go i'll be sure to take lots and lots of pics so u can feel like u were there.. if that helps any lol

  3. I've heard about it and never attend... thanks for the info, have to put it on my calendar :)

  4. i probably might go since it's not far from where i live. lol and $45 for one day isn't bad at all

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  6. nice page :) i been wanted to go to this forever but its not open to "regular" people that love makeup :/


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