aaaaaahhhh! it was actually warm out today.. in the 60s!
i was soo excited!!

i got ready and took a walk to walgreens...
had to buy some hairspray and chocolates to stuff my face with on Valentines Day lol..
when i left my house it was no longer warm out! wtf i was so mad

heres the face i put on today..what i used:
CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder in Soft Honey

NYX Pinky

NYX Round Lipstick in Echo
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural

a closer look at the eyes..
Ulta Bloom- on lid
Ulta Electric- outer corner and crease
Ulta Champagne- highlight
Eyeliner- Wet n Wild pencil in black black
Mascara- Sugar Doublewink

i really have to bleach that faded red out of my hair...
it was supposed to be pink like it always was but i dunno what happened this time
i might handle that tomorrow if i'm not too lazy

oo and a few of u have been complimenting those lovely green eyes..
they were bought lol
my real eye color is dark brown =/

besos u sexy beasts!


  1. lol I wanted to head to Walgreens today, but didn't.
    OMG! It was the same here.
    It got all kinda chilly & windy.

    LOOOOOVE YOUR HAIR. You're so pretty.

    LMAO @ that last part.
    Those contacts look natural. =/

  2. very pretty!
    & the contacts look really natural

  3. i didn't even notice your eyes , their pretty =) && i love that lip color on yout =)

  4. You look beautiful I love your lips! can never go wrong with nyx

  5. god i love the way you lined your eyes!

  6. i ALWAYS admire how u do ur eyes =)

    they always looks so great!

  7. Yeah, i agree the eye is my favorite part of the face to draw also,

    btw- i luv yur hair, keep the color!!!=]

    nd yeah being valentine-less sux but ill get over it!!

    love the makeupp!

  8. <333 your makeup and hair, I'm sure the pink looked/looks hot but the red looks cute too.

    Btw I got the lingerie set in Wet Seal girl! It was on clearance for 5.00 haha.

    Love this blog of yours I hope you're having a good day. Today's windy as hell too and rainy.

  9. thanks ladiiz!!! =]

    Femme Fatale- thanks.. $5 is an amazing deal and yea it's extremely windy.. i feel like my windows are gonna break lol

  10. Lol delete mine too! I'm tryin to keep mine private too cuz I know how nosy people can be but anyway...yayy ur neighbor lol

  11. ok they're erased lol... and i knooo woohoo neighbors! lol

  12. Hermana, you rock!
    How do you keep your eyebrows so clean?????

  13. First, I loooove the random warm days in the middle of winter they rock =] Second, when I write a book and become world famous, I am so hiring you as my make-up artist, so please be prepared. Lastly, we miss you in Kimbolacity, by we, I mean me..!! xoxo

  14. No no, I believe you to be the sexy beast. And =O purpleeeeeeee!!! =D

  15. love the eyes! i need to learn how to do my liner like that, i never get it rite lol


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