Tips: Eyes. Lips. Brushes.

here are a few of my beauty tips...

1. before applying your eye makeup.. prime your lids
i use UDPP(Urban Decay Primer Potion)
a good primer/base will keep your eyeshadow in place and crease free all day/night long
there have been times when i have fallen asleep with my eye makeup still on.. woke up the next morning.. and still had perfect eyes... amazing! lol

2. when applying your eyeshadow..
pat the brush onto your lid(rather than sweeping it across your lid) to pack on the color
this also helps with creating less fallout
save the sweeping motions for the crease and blending

3. using a dark base for your eyeshadow gives u a deeper color or a smokey effect..
using a light base gives u brighter colors

4. when curling your lashes..
squeeze the eyelash curler gently but firmly and hold for 10-20 sec. starting at the base and working your way out to the tips
don't apply pressure in one spot for too long.. u will end up with a sharp, unnatural looking curl
thinking about buying a heated eyelash curler?
u can always heat your eyelash curler with your blowdryer on low for a few seconds
make sure its not too hot b4 using it on your eye

5. apply your mascara after curling your lashes.
don't pump your mascara tube.. this will cause it to dry out faster and by doing this u will also be causing bacteria in the air to get trapped inside the tube..
to get more product onto your mascara wand.. twist it in the tube

6. oh and i almost forgot..
i've heard alot about applying anbesol on your eyebrows when getting ready to pluck them...
it numbs the area so u feel no pain..
i haven't tried this one.. for some weird reason i enjoy the pain of eyebrow plucking lol
but i will try this for my pretty lil bloggers

1. with winter comes dry, chapped lips...
to exfoliate.. u can make a lip scrub with sugar and lip balm
i've also read about sugar and olive oil
but for me.. i apply Vaseline on my lips b4 i go to bed.. the next morning i apply some more and run a toothbrush under warm water.. then scrub lightly
result- amazingly soft lips!
exfoliating your lips is a must.. especially if u wear lipstick or going for the nude lip look

2. do NOT line your lips with a dark brown/dark red/almost black liner and fill it in with pale lipstick...
leave that to the Cholas.. they're the only ones who can get away with it lol
i'll admit i was a part of that lil "trend" in highschool... but we're grown now
please stay up on the makeup game...
line your lips with a color close to the lipstick or gloss u will be wearing

3. for fuller lips...
line your lips SLIGHTLY outside your natural lip line.. some ppl take this too far.. this is y i said "SLIGHTLY" lol.. then apply your lipstick..
after applying your lipstick.. sweep on your lip gloss..
apply a lighter shade to the center of your bottom lip and blend it in... this will give the appearance of a fuller lip

Makeup Brushes.
1. i clean my makeup brushes about every 2 weeks
if i'm doing someone elses makeup i clean them before and after

2. u can use the obvious brush cleaner, shampoo, anti-bacterial hand soap, or any mild soap
i don't use a brush cleaner since there are cheaper options
it's really what u prefer or what u feel works better for your brushes..
i use anti-bacterial hand soap on mine and then once in a while i shampoo them

3. if you're doing multiple ppls makeup try to have multiple brushes so u don't have to use the same brush on another person..
but if u don't have enough brushes.. u can spray them with a brush cleaner between each person.. then clean them thoroughly when you're done

4. to clean your brushes... run the brush under warm water(head downward)... apply your shampoo/soap and rub it into the brush... then rinse until the water is clear(you'll be surprised by how much makeup actually comes out of your brushes).. squeeze out any excess water.. reshape your brushes and lay them out on your towel to air dry


  1. Love the tips for the lips!!

  2. I had a thought. lol
    Have any tips for cleaning brushes?

  3. lol thought i was the only weirdo who loves the feeling of plucking my eyebrowss! lol we need a support group.

  4. Thanks ma'am!
    lol. I use shampoo to clean mine.

  5. Good tips!
    Have any tips maybe can i follow..
    whatever i always follow U blog

  6. Great tips! Love my eyelashes super curly, makes my eyes pop.
    Just found the Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler.
    Luv makeup, love playing and looking amazing.
    Great music on site too~

  7. thank u! glad u guys find it helpful =]


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