Cherry Culture Haul.

i ordered a few things from Cherry Culture last week and here they arrre...

i got myself NYX Round Lipstick in Fusion and Echo...
and NYX Mega Shine Lip gloss in Natural and Taupe

i'm trying to get my sister into makeup lol..
so i got her Amuse Metallic Eyeshadow in Natural Lace..
i got the wrong 1! i wanted Midnight Lace.. oo well next time.. she better like it anyway cuz its free lol
and i got her 2 Starry Fruit Lip Balms in Strawberry n Watermelon

NYX swatches..

i love them.. except for Taupe... not really feeling it on its own but i'm going to mix it and find a way to make it work


i put together my lil brush holder...its so cute!
pay no attention to the dirty brushes
they all wouldn't fit in there though =[
and yes i'm 22 and rock Barbie n Spongebob band-aids.. don't hate! lol

guess what?!
i have over 100 followers woohoo!
thanks so much for following the blog!


  1. I love your eclectic makeup style. you can definitely pull of colored eye shadow! it looks amazing. and your hauls are awesome ;-)!

  2. Oooh nice buys! :]
    My local beauty store sells NYX
    liptsicks for 99 cents...

    I like palette.
    I thought about ordering from them,
    but some things I can find near by
    for soooo much cheaper!!

    Cuuuuuute @ the brushes.
    Congrats on all the followers, hun!

  3. I loveee your brush holder. Ive been looking for something to hold all my brushes. What is that inside the glass?

    I gave u a shoutout on my blog, congrats on all the followers you def deserve it!

  4. Skyle- thank u!!! and thanks for following the blog=]

    Rai- thanks! 99 cents?? i'm sooo hating right now lol

    Femme Fatale- yayyy a shoutout!! lol.. i'm off to your page!

  5. Yes ma'am and the Mega Shine lipgloss are like $1.99.

    And at this other store 15+ minutes away
    they have more of the NYX eye products.
    Like the trios are 4.99 and jumbo pecils 1.99. :]

  6. Nice haul!! I LOVE natural lg it's one of my faves. Cute brush holder and congrats on the followers!!

  7. I Love NYX!!!! I always have a hard time finding them, but when I do...I GO NUTS!

    Your brush holder is so cute...I think I will copy you!

    Congrats on the followers!!

  8. nice lipsticks and lipgloss.

    its so nice from you to ger ur sister into makeup. she has a greeattt teacher!!

  9. Cool stuffs! Like that eye shadow palette!!

  10. those are nice buys i love your brush holder.cuteee :)

  11. NICE HAUL! i love UR EYE MAKEUPS!!!!!!

  12. The brush holder is super cute! One of these days I'm gonna get my lazy butt up and make something cute for my sad little brushes. :P Your haul is awesome. The natural gloss is gorgeousness! Try the taupe layered lightly over another bold lippie maybe hun?

  13. I'm loving the color palette... you scored a fab selection!

  14. holy shyt soft colors, im diggin the swatches been in a soft color mood latey every eotd I have is soft, its suiting the nice weather! btw those some sick ass band aids!!!! soooooooo cute!

  15. what do you think about the amuse products?? are they good??? because i want to try these products but i want a professional opinion about they :D

  16. @Denisse - this is the only product i've tried from Amuse =[

    i do like the shadows but you have to use a primer/base or apply them wet.. if not the colors are barely noticeable

  17. D: well thanks for answer me!!! i <3 your blog (i'm latina too) yeeiihh!!! :D


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