Mini NYX HauL!!

this is what i gotttt...

Sheer Gloss in *Peach*
Blush in *Pinky*
Glitter Powder in *Gold*
Glitter on the Go in *Fuschia*

i only bought the lipgloss because i liked how the tube is decorated lol.
it has lips all over it and they're pink!

but now i'm not liking it so much.
only cuz the tube isn't plastic so when i squeeze out the gloss it doesn't go back to its normal shape.. it just stays that way..

the gloss is really nice though

i think i might be in love with the blush. its so...... piink!

here are swatches of the NYX blush and the Sephora blush in Rose Rebelle from my last post (i forgot to show a swatch of it)

my next makeup purchase will def. be from here...
when i saw these it was love at first sight
the colors look so tasty lol
u must check the site out.. and if you do decide to order from there let me see some pics and swatches of Medusa and all of her goodness lol


  1. lol @ buying something for the tube.
    I want to try their lipgloss. Has pretty colors.
    I bought this lipstick, it's a nude.
    OMG! Can't be worn by itselfs on my lips. lol

    I'm going to browse that site.

  2. ..Ohh I saw their eyeshadows at

  3. that website is so cute.. now im mad that i spent all my money lol


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