Bored on a Monday..

..means playtime with makeup!

these looks were done with my 80 palette from

Shades of Green
i numbered the colors on the palette in the order i used them...
1. apply bright green on the inner corner
2. medium green in the middle of the lid
3. dark green on outer corner and crease
4. highlight under the brow
then blendddd
the colors go in the same order under the waterline

Pink Purple n Blue
1. apply hot pink to the inner corner
2. bright purple in middle of lid
3. bright blue on outer corner
4. add highlight
and then some more blending
line underneath waterline with the blue and the inner corner with the pink

eyeliner i used: wet n wild pencil in black black
mascara: sugar doublewink (volume side)
eyebrows: black eyeshadow from 80 palette with a small angled brush

after i was done with my eyes i decided it would be fun to drop my Ulta makeup set..
most of the colors fell out of the box and now i dont know which colors go where.. which means i'll never know the names of them.. yyyyyy!? lol..
now im gonna drive myself crazy by lookin for the colors on the internet and try to figure out which 1s which lol


  1. Thats so freaking cute. =D
    I thought about ordering that palette.

    I shall play with my palette today.
    haha I started to until my sister told me to tag along with her.

  2. gorgeous girl.
    I especially like the blue, pink, purple combo.

  3. with green eye shadows your eyes looks GEORGEUS!!! but I like both of them !!!

  4. hooooooray for your use of color!!
    i love seeing fotd's with colors it gives me the itch to wanna play in my eye shadows.

  5. thanks lovelyz! =]
    @ kimberly tia yes yes go play and post me some fabulous pics lol

  6. these are beautiful! im so jealous! i wish i could do my makeup like that!!!

  7. those looks are lovely!!!

  8. The color palatte is gorgeous! I might want to try this...

  9. 2 great eyes? what a treat! thanks for following girl!

  10. priiiiiiiity! of course I mean pretty. but your eyes are so gorgeous I had to exaggerate!

  11. that looks so cute. im new to blogspot and i luvs ur blog


  12. thats nice

    great post

  13. Gorgeous looks!! I love colorful looks, they are the best! =)

  14. That is sooooo cute
    Very pretty blend!

  15. Your blending skills are seriously sick!! Love the looks babe. I'm totally wanting that palette...the colors are so vibrant. TY for sharing your amazing work!

  16. thanks!!<3
    and yea the palette shadows are really pigmented so a lil goes a long way


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