Beauties-Factory Haul

so i ordered all this nail stuff from i got my eyeshadow pallette from) a few weeks ago.. it got here on christmas eve and i've been dying to torture somebodies fingers lol.

i got...
acrylic powder n liquid set w glass dish and nail forms.. electric nail drill thingy lol.. white nail tips.. nail clipper.. nail art brushes.. nail buffers

my free gifts that came with everything...
acrylic nail brush.. a 4way nail buffer.. 3 packs of nail art stickers.. silver glitter.. false lashes.. 2 false nail sets that dont fit my nails.. nail art dish

Victim#1.. my sister
i realized im horrible at applying acrylic.. it was looking pretty hideous till i smoothed it out with the drill. she thought her nails were going to turn out a mess but in the end it came out pretty good. u be the judge....

arent acrylic brushes supposed to be thicker than this? im thinking this might be why the acrylic came out so bad.. maybe? lol

next time i order from there i want the nail stamping machine...

and if anybody has tips on applying acrylic.. share please! lol


  1. This is cute, good job..i never came across beauties-factory until you mention it on here..The nail stamp is also on my list.


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